Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paani Puri Goes Pirate !

A couple of weeks ago (10th October to be precise) – I (ok I think it’s better to say ‘we’ because the Paani Puri team is a family) … We  were invited by Miss Malini (don’t you know her – she’s the cute RJ from Radio One) to come on air on her new show ‘Pirate Radio’ alongside Imran Khan ! Talk about 2 high energy shocks in one day ! 

So to thank this young lady – we customized some of the packaging to give away on the show and Imran Khan agreed to sign them as well for the lucky winners !  If you don’t believe me check out the picture below – he really did sign them and the packaging was really customized  =)

Imran autograph PP box 

Paani Puri isn’t just about the packaging – and we wanted everyone on the show to really feel the lurve that goes into the making of each t-shirt – so we gave Imran and Malini both t-shirts to wear ….

Rish, Imran & MM Radio 1Miss Malini shared some of the video links with us … and now all of you Paani Puri fans and followers get to check us out LIVE ! 

As you can see – I was a bit nervous (who wouldn’t be – it’s not like I’m used to being in the limelight) but the show went off really well and that’s all that matters =)

Let us know what you guys think ‘cos Paani Puri lurves to hear from you !

For More Snippets from the Show check out :


  1. Have seen this pirate radio show and yes yes I loved it...

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Thanks for showing your love for Paani Puri!

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