Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Dazed Puri Discovery

So here’s how it all started a few weeks ago … all on Facebook ! I kept seeing the words ‘pani puri’ and it got me craving to eat some Bombay style chaats !


Translation of ‘paani puri paane ke liey kuch khona padtha hai ..’ To get a ‘pani puri’ then you must give up something (precious / meaningful) to you

with sabs

I’ve known Sabrina a.k.a. Sabu for a long time and I’ve always associated her and Pani Puri with good memories and crazy cravings !

It came down to a point that I kept seeing Rish’s tweets and FB status updates about Paani Puri and I really did begin to get concerned that maybe he was just obsessing on the food so much .. so I did what any good friend would do .. Pin him down and find out WHY he was going on and on about it …

discovery 13.10.09 v

And that’s the secret folks ! My very good friend – Rish Oberoi – has just launched his own line of very funky out-of-the-box style urban t-shirts called ‘Paani Puri Clothing’ !

You can also catch up dates about Paani Puri on their Twitter page as well as their Face Book Fan Page and the Official Paani Puri Group Page

Stay tuned for more because we’re about to embark on a journey of how Paani Puri has transformed itself from a chaat style meal to one of the most fashionable and funky urban wear for men & women !

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