Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The (Paani) Puri Cave

The Paani Puri team has been running around like cracked puris trying to make the world a better place and still bring you some of the most creative designs ever ! 

Just in case you were wondering how and where we work … Let me take you for the private tour …

Welcome to what I’d like to call my Paani Puri Cave !


Noooo this isn’t a joke – that’s really where I work from … I live on that couch (it’s also the most comfy couch ever!) – I eat there – and many a night – I have slept there too !


That’s me quite serious at work – there are a lot of Twitter and FaceBook Fans that I have to respond to – it’s my social responsibility to spread the Paani Puri Luuuuuurve !

PA160150Whaaaaat ? You didn’t believe I was working ???? Just because I sit on a big fat cozy looking couch ?? Check out the Puri’s on the screen – that ought to remind you that all I’ve got on my mind is Paani Puri ! 

PA160153 The first Paani Puri T-shirt ! I keep it hanging there on the cupboard (and it covers the TV too so there’s no distractions) so that it’s the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up.  I just want more and more Paani Puri tee’s out there for the world to enjoy !


At the end of a long and productive day – I take a few minutes to just sit back and take a breather … slouching over a laptop all day doesn’t help my back .. and I think its time for me to catch some Zzzz’s !

Now show me some Puri Lurve !


  1. OMG I love your office ! I wish I didn't have to go to a smelly cooped up office all day =( rather be on that couch slouching than on a bad chair with a back ache !

    Are you hiring at the Puri Cave ?

  2. simply luved ur cave rish..all d bst for ur paanipuri and yah vl dfinetely sprad the word:))

  3. vl definetly spread d word about paani puri :))

  4. hey love your paanipuri headquaters rish think about kitchen :)
    awesome!!! saw your chacha choudry comics too

  5. why don't you get a chair and table rish? its much more easier that way to work na? and ur back will not hurt too! just a thought! :)


Thanks for showing your love for Paani Puri!

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