Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eureka .. Why I Enjoy Paani Puri

Our creative head Eureka shares her thoughts with us ... Check out her blog Eureka At Paani Puri when you get a chance :)
Artists need freedom, that is the way we are built. A year back, I was a lost artist, confused, ill confident and unemployed. I could not find a job that fit my profile. However I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. I met Rishab when he got here, to India that is, and we both knew our careers at the time lacked a certain passion. Work should never be work, we both knew that.

I started designing t shirts for fun for some online t shirt sites, for the heck of it. He happened to see some of these and then "Eureka" :) he had an idea that rocked my world!

In the beginning i was very skeptical about the whole thing, "Paani Puri???? can u actually call a clothing brand that?? was my first ever question to him. We worked on it then, not knowing where this might lead, day in day out, not knowing why or how, it was a calling. We knew we had to do this, though we didn't know why.

Initially we were just testing the entire thing, but his focus and determination greatly influenced and motivated me. Needless to say we made a good team. Like they say, the rest is history!

If a year back, someone would have told me " Your art on a Paani Puri tee will be featured in Verve and Marie Claire magazine, or that it would have 1075 and counting fans on Facebook, i would have be in shock and total denial" This is however a reality, and I am so proud to see this Baby grow.

Why I enjoy Paani Puri? Cause i love it, i wake up to it every single day, i look forward to it, in seeing it grow it has helped me grow as an artist.Its given me freedom, its given me challenges, its given me relationships, its given me energy. I feel so much more confident! There was a time where this would all seem surreal.

I believe God always puts you through the toughest times so when you do reach a checkpoint and look back, you can truly appreciate where you have reached. I do not know where this road is taking us, but i know at the end of it all, it will definitely be an amazing journey. Artists need freedom, that is the way we are built, Paani Puri gives me that freedom, that is why it was built.

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